Services - Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping is a great tool for businesses to gather critical data. However, at The Troy Dolan Group, we realize that what your Mystery Shop provider does before and after the shop is what makes the difference to you.

A Dedicated Service Team

We will assign a dedicated team of consultants to your account, led by an Account Executive with extensive experience within your industry. In addition to your Account Executive, you will have a Data Specialist, for customized report preparation and delivery and a Project Manager, to oversee the overall shopper scheduling and fulfillment process. This team will be dedicated to your account, and will make it their business to learn your business operation and needs, inside and out. In some cases, we will want our dedicated team to meet face to face with you at your offices to develop a rapport and a detailed understanding of the objectives of your organization.

Developing a Quality Shop - Together

Together, you and your TDG team will develop a customized questionnaire to be fulfilled at each shop. The questions developed and utilized will be a key component to the quality of results you receive. We work as true partners with you and collaborate to bring you the best questionnaire for your organization. You bring to the table, the knowledge of your business and operation. We bring to the table, years of Mystery Shopping experience and experience with other organizations in your industry.

Professional and Certified Shoppers

Once we launch the shopper process, each shop will be conducted by a qualified professional shopper. All our shoppers are certified by MSPA and conduct themselves in a discreet and professional manner. We have a shopper force of over 400,000 shoppers worldwide. We can conduct a shop wherever you have a location, anywhere in the world.

Customized Reports, Fast

Getting you actionable data quickly, in an easy to read format, is our goal. We utilize today's cutting edge technology to get you the information you need, fast. Your dedicated TDG team will work with you to develop a customized report format and delivery process to best fit your organizations needs. We realize a report is useless to you unless it contains the data you are looking for, in a format that is user friendly to you and your staff. This is why we work with each of our clients to help them customized their own reports. The TDG data specialist assigned to your account team will offer suggestions and templates based on their years of experience, but, ultimately you will build your report format so it works for you.

Flexible Report Delivery Options

We offer a host of options for you when it comes to report delivery. You (and your field operations) can access the data via our secure website in a virtual real time setting or we can e-mail you (and your field operations) report information, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily. We can even e-mail you or a field manager immediately after an individual shop, once it is completed and recorded.


Although we offer a number of tools for our clients to obtain and track information, ultimately, we are a management consulting firm, specializing in Customer Experience Management (CEM). Therefore, the true value of our service comes through our ability to help you analyze and interpret the data we collect and the suggestions we offer to improve your customer service and the overall effectiveness of your operations.

Your TDG Account Executive will meet with you on a regular basis and help you develop practical strategies for improving your service and operations.